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√ We are continuing to offer FREE delivery as a special courtesy during this time period.
Please read carefully below: 
☑ Shipping times will vary depending on your location and what item(s) you have ordered.
☑ Please be patient as tracking transit times will take a few days and/or a week(s) or so until their next scan. We have notice this pattern during the epidemic because carriers are short handed and running on limited schedules.
☑ Stock has been extremely low especially for all electronic goods and often times will ship from different fulfillment warehouses (due to many of the items selling out within a matter of days) some are located within the USA and others are International.
☑ If the item is en-route and transit time are taking long than normal it means that the item has been shipped directly from the factory which is located Internationally. 
We understand everyone's urgency regarding their purchased product(s) and truly
[THANK YOU] for your understanding during this temporary moment.
Again, if you are NOT comfortable with transit times - PLEASE do not order from us.
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