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Our Story

Welcome to Baby Accessories Online your exclusive online source for finding all your child's accessories and more.

In 2015 our founders, Tom and his wife Brenda, found themselves in the middle of baby crisis. They wanted a reliable and cost effective solution on finding their baby accessories without supporting big named corporations. After purchasing from over a handful of local boutiques they wanted to bring something special to consumers like yourself. Offering an extensive range of unique products and aim to bring to you safe, secure and risk-free online shopping. Thus, Baby Accessories Online was born and still remains a 100% locally owned and operated by parents like yourself.

You Are Like Family

We treat every client that we work with like family. This mindset allows us to provide the best customer service possible, and also allows us to forge a lifelong relationship with our clients. We strive to be your family’s go to experts regarding everything related to baby accessories. We have 100% confidence that the high quality products offered to our clients, are the same products that we would offer anyone in our family.

One of the reasons we continue to have repeat business and referrals is due to our transparency. There are no hidden fees and we make an extra effort in educating you on the products you purchase. Our goal is for you to walk away from your purchase with zero doubts about us.

Technology and Security
We are 100% aware of the cyber threats that exist in our current lives. We implement the most advanced technology on our network to keep your data and privacy safe.

Our Partners
Our vendors/partners are the best in the nation. We only partner with quality manufacturers we trust with the same consistency and commitment we have to our thousands of customers. Our vast and personal resources have allowed us to stay relevant in the vast landscape of children and youth accessories.

Our Goal is to provide a safe and intimate platform where you can conveniently buy high-quality products at amazing prices from the comfort of your own home.

Why Purchase From Us?
Every day our team works hard to curate the latest accessories for parents all over the world. We often get asked the question of how we are able to have our prices so low on practically everything in our store. Well, It's simple! We deal directly with the manufacturer of each product which means we don't have costs like distribution and storing product in stores on shelves. This is how shopping should really be. No high prices and still amazing products!

We value every one of our customers and we will do whatever we can to ensure your shopping experience is the best one.

Our highly experienced support team is always ready and willing to help you with any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking the contact us tab or by sending an email to

Happy Holidays and let's enjoy the remaining 2019 together!

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